If you are a Professional Immigrant or a pivoting Entrepreneur who DESIRES to make a SHIFT in your career in corporate world or your business, COLLABORATE with like-minded people who will support your IDEAS or empowering MESSAGES…or, just wants to bounce back to COURAGE as you take your Power back from a debilitating JOURNEY…

Then, Thank yourself for having landed to my page ! Believe that nothing comes by accident…. You have connected to me for very magical reasons! There is a significance to what I call “Connect and Grow Rich” that comes from the inside out! In our works together you will re-discover a simple fact in Life … that You ARE most likely in the same energy level as the person whom you journey with. So it matters how you get connected from the inside out while in your journey, because spiritual and financial riches are all governed by high energy level. As your Consultant and Journey Strategist / Innovator, our sessions together :

  1. will help you gain the opportunity to thrive in your chosen momentum, yet you’ll see it with objectivity, and without judgment – our focus will be getting to The Core and The Essence of your Journey… so it can CONNECT you to a turning point that bridges the link between You, your birth-purpose and your desired relationships ( be it personal, in career or business) ;
  2. will take you to the FLOW of your Reality but guiding you to embrace only your attitudes that really matter right NOW… You will take charge or Own your journey, so that you can Innovate or make a Shift. And as you stay grounded with THE Flow, you will know when it’s time to let go of all the insignificances that you’ve pre-designed in your disarrayed journey, and start Getting Real! You will breathe in peace unto yourself…and those around you; and
  3. will be a combination of “ inner” and professional works so you can find your riches within you and your external world as well! I will help you CHOOSE your right Connections through a strategic Journey to help you CAPTIVATE endless possibilities. You will consciously cause a floodgate of abundance to open up in your life streams…and you will BE able to Create harmonious wealth in all areas of your life!

journey This Show aims to empower professional immigrants and pivoting entrepreneurs to help you Change your Story..Change your Life! LaNelle features a series of videos with her empowering interviews of Entrepreneurs, Experts & Immigrants in the fields of self growth & healing relationships, business and career development, harmonizing wealth, and social media marketing to help you Choose and Innovate your own Journey instead of staying stuck in a place that’s not serving you anymore.

CONNECT with the right programs, prospects, and partners ; CAPTIVATE endless possibilities with confidence; COLLABORATE for meaningful relationships and viable ventures!

“ I coach while the world is watching…”

(….as this Show is Inspired by my own story and the journeys of those featured here, knowing that these could have also happened to YOU! )


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