My name is Nellie Reyes, also known as LaNelle,  and I’m a big-hearted Creatives Coach for nurses,  health professionals and entrepreneurs in the home care circle based in Los Angeles,  Southern California, USA. I empower these home care practitioners to connect to your creative writing talents so that you can connect to your purpose and prosper!

Specifically, my coaching program is focused in helping creative nurse writers or would-be authors  which consists of  two core processes :

Journeys with the Creatives in the Home Care Practice

With this once-a- week virtual masterclass/  on-cam meetup, I help nurses and health professionals in the home care industry to naturally and effortlessly unleash your creativity to your best advantage. Add value to your home health practice or business and accelerate your income.

Specifically, I help those who possess creative talents in writing by bringing out the best storyteller or writer in you (book, poem, song, web or promo materials content, business correspondence, or reports).  I help you attain clarity in your story and help you create your roadmap to success as an authentic writer while, at the same time, engaged in home care services where you’re practicing at the moment.  Synchronizing the left (logical) and right  (creative) brain hemispheres is key to unleashing the creative writer in you.

I help you fine tune your self-discovery as a creative and still be in the home care career or business you’re at right now which help you fund your dreams,  and eventually achieve  prosperity in creative writing.  It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Creative Self-Care for Caregivers

I provide one-on-one creative de-stress and mind de-cluttering sessions for home health care providers with emphasis on creative visualization and aromatic power-naps for work-life balance. I implement my experiential learning in helping you align your spiritual and financial beliefs so that you can naturally attract success in the home care career or business that you want.

This has the 22-Day Challenge to Alleviate Care Providers from stress, burnout, and unhealthy habits through a combination of creative modalities which are proven to work that don’t necessitate clinical intervention. Beginners and Intermediate.

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